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One who reads about William Shakespeare always seems to be curious about his life but his life is totally a mystery for the world. He is known for the Elizabethan period or Elizabethan period found its glory due to the Shakespeare is just the same. In the beginning of Elizabethan period who has its own glory of time of intellectuals, Liberty of growing intelligence and comfort among all the classes of unbounded patriotism and of peace at home and abroad.

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Early life of William Shakespeare

His birth year is known from 1564 with no legal evidence but two outward influences were powerful developing the genius of Shakespeare. Born in the little village of Stratford, the center of the most beautiful and romantic district in rural England, a place where he learned to know a Natural man in this natural environment.

In the same era, there is an unknown country boy poor and poorly educated according to the standards of his age, who came to London for doing a job that was not for him in the theater. In upcoming year he seems to be mastery,

  • Plays Of Kings And Clowns
  • Gentlemen
  • Heros
  • Noble Women

All of whom he seem to be symbiotically associated, here he learned to know the social, the artificial man in the most unnatural surrounding. From the details of little parish Church at Stratford on Avon, it is found that the mystery man was baptized there on 26, April 1564 customary. His father John Shakespeare was an heir of farmers. After coming to Stratford about 1551 from the dull village of Snitterfield & His mother Mary Arden was the daughter of a rich farmer descended from a mixed breed Anglo-Saxon & Norman blood. I.E old Warwickshire family.

Both the parents were illiterate that it was found that in 1559 married couple sold the piece of land with the sign + that “that was the sign”  but the father could write as he used to audit the town account.

Education Of William Shakespeare

As with the little knowledge, he probably attended the endowed grammar school at Stratford where he learned” few Latin & less Greek”. The natural influences of surrounding were his real teacher ( as referred by his friend Ben Johnson) And the boy’s lively imagination was the natural environment of the beautiful little village in adorable Warwickshire nearby the forest of Eden, the old Castle of Warwick & Kenilworth. And the old Roman campus & military roads. All of these natural beauties can easily found in Shakespeare poetry just as his characters comprise of the quality of nobility & littleness, the talks, the voices, emotions, prejudice and culture of the people.

Inclusion Of learning / Observations In Writing

Characters that came from to indulge the pinch of liveness in his own creations and rapid progression toward his perfection.

“ I saw a Smith stand with his hammer, thus,

The whilst his iron did on the envil cool,

With open mouth swallowing a tailor’s news;

Who, with his shears and measure in his hand,

Standing on slippers, which his nimble haste

Had falsely thurst upon contrary feet,

Told of a many thousand warlike French

That were embattailed and ranked in Kent”

(King john IV,2)

This passage suggests genius mind as well as the extreme sympathetic observer,  that can see every minute details. Same with the nurse of Romeo & Juliet whose endless gossips & bitching can not veil her kind heart but she just reflects the nurse whom Shakespeare had talked by the wayside. Not only the gossips also the Dreams and Simple poetry of common people are the basic spices of Shakespeare’s imagination that aroma can be found in his greatest plays.

Othello seems to be inspired from a bit of Mandeville’s famous travels with the mind occupied with daring explorers. The impact of folklore. His fantasy can easily found in the following context.

In shape no bigger than an agate – stone

On the fore- finger of an alderman,

Drawn with a teamof little atomies

Athwart men’s noses as they lie asleep!

Her waggon- spokes made of long spinners’ legs,

The cover of the wings of grasshoppers,

The traces of the smallest spider’s web,

The collars of the moonshine’s watery beams,

Her whip of cricket’s bone, the lash of film,

Her waggoner a small grey- coated gnat,


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So Shakespeare education was in hands of nature with the open heart as well as eyes to the beauty of the world. The way he notices and mentioned about the horse, Duke’s hounds, star moonlit bank, hilltop all are not his imagination but real life experience that have seen by all but observed by one only.

At the age of 14, due to some financial crisis boy left the school to support the family. What he did is still a mystery but as per his knowledge of law terms, wildflowers, ropes, extraordinary facility in quips and compliments and courtly accent, dull foolishness, depth of woman’s feelings and of course Roman spirit, he could be a schoolmaster, lawyer’s clerk, botanist, sailor , courtier, clown ,a woman and Roman respectively As he has presented those characters better than whom are perfectionist in it.

In 1582 he tied a knot with Anne Hathaway, a daughter of the peasant family of Shottery eight years elder than her spouse.  Due to many conflicts, he left his wife and went to London. In some of his act his marriage seems to be unhappy and hasty one but in other acts, he seems to be loved and family man, that is how mysterious his life was. No doubt the subject is wealthy of attention but no contemporary biographers were found for the mystery man.

His starting task was of general helper, an odd job man, about the theater then became an actor and in next10 years he occupied a prominent place in London theatres. During this decade, he accompanied the other writers, revised old plays and gained practical knowledge of his act.

The Lifestyle Of William Shakespeare

In London from 1587 to 1611 was the mystery but it was just guessed from his literary activity. I.e from his plays. Ben Johnson Says of Him

“I love the man & do honour his memory, on this side idolatry as much as any, he was indeed honest & of an open & for nature”

One Can found his growth from his upcoming plays ie: his first three earliest plays present his five year London life when he has just entered in the society of gentleman, scholars, mannerisms, and expressions in the dramas. But rather than drama, his poems marks the beginning of his success “Venus and Adonis”/gained so much popularity in London and rewarded as money that he has invested in the “Globe & black friars theater” where his own plays were presented.

following plays presented William Shakespeare experimental & learning days:

  • Merchant of venice
  • As You Like It
  • Twelfth Night
  • Julius Caesar
  • Hamlet
  • Macbeth
  • Othello
  • King Lear

Atony And Cleopatra

Sorrow and gloomy in 1611 with unknown reasons he retired himself to Stratford to live the life of a farmer and country gentleman, after clearing debts of his father & own.  some dissatisfaction arose with his work &  Because of suspicious or contemptuous of actors & playwright of his days along with the desire of being retired. In 1597 bought a new place the finest house in the stratford and added the tract of farming land to complete the estate. & secured the presenting little of his inheritance.

Though he has abandoned himself from dramatic life and adapted the life of country “gentleman” but he has not stopped yet as that was the time of another experimentation. I.e had to test own caliber but to catch the fickle humour of the public with the step back of Shakespeare the decline of Drama also begun.

In 1609 there was an event where he appeared himself again from the shipwrecked incident on the unknown Bermudas that he took and send it into “The Tempest”. All this interest remained vanished some of the unfinished plays were turned over to Fletchers and other dramatists.

On the contrary note, it is found that he thought little of fame & success that is why he never bothered to collect or publish his work or even to save his manuscripts that was carelessly left to stage manager of the theater and that ultimately submitted to the ragman. After few years of dark life, he died probably on 23, April 1616. It was pathetic that he has given a tomb in the chancel of the parish Church not because of literary contribution but because of his interest in the country village. And it was the irony of destiny that his tomb is just an object of ignorance inscribed and fellows.

Good friend for Jesus’ sake forbeare

To dig the dust enclosed hear bleste be the man that spares these stones. And curst be  he  that movies by bones”

William Shakespare Comedies

william Shakespeare ComediesPubcation Year
All's Well That Ends Well1623
As You Like It1623
The Comedy of Errors1595
Love's Labor's Lost1598
Measure for Measure1623
The Merchant of Venice
The Merry Wives of Windsor1602
A Midsummer Night's Dream1600
The Taming of the Shrew1594
Twelfth Night1623
Much Ado About Nothing1598
The Two Gentlemen of Verona1623
The Two Noble Kinsmen1634

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