Society Perception And Reality About Strangers

It is our belief that strangers are dangerous by default and we should not talk to them. This is the basic idea of society about the strangers which bound yourself to make connections during in public. Especially this beliefs works more powerfully when you are women and it is true that every stranger has not the positive intention but we can use our senses rather blind beliefs to analysis what is good or bad.

There are many benefits of using senses rather mind because mind uses categories to decide what is good or bad. The society divided the whole thing into categories good or bad, black or white, this bad and this is good. And our mind is totally affected by this idea of categories. So when we see those things our mind works according to that beliefs and we accept it without questioning.

We should analysis a person as an individual being but what we usually do. We usually consider a white man as good and a black man as bad. It is the fault of our mind which uses predetermine idea and beliefs to differentiate between positive and negative.

When researchers decide to find, is really all strangers are bad and we should really not talk to them. In the end, they find that most of peoples feel more comfortable during sharing their experiences and thoughts with strangers.

Why We Should Talk To Stranger

Talking to a stranger has not any conscious. You are not going to see them again. You open up your heart, feels good and move on toward your path. you should believe this fact that many times strangers understand you better than your family or friends.

How to make contact with strangers

Making contact with strangers, not an easy work.Every time our mind stop us by some questions and possibilities. But there are certain ways which can help you to make a public connection.

See toward someone and try to make eye contact and the person also respond you, give a gentle smile. it can help you in the first interaction with somebody you don’t know.

If you meet any stranger and find any common thing in between you and the person. Try to make any comment about that thing.

Making compliment can also help to start a conversation. Suppose you are on a journey and find someone with something unique. Make a compliment and people love compliment because it tells them that their existence is being noticed by someone.

Disclosure: telling something true about your life to someone really works and can develop a quick relation. It tell the person that he/she really trust you that is why the person is sharing something which is very close to his/her heart.

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