Ignou Assignment For The M.A Students Who Enrolled For The Year 2016-2017

Here we are going to discuss the Ignou Assignment for the MA Students who enrolled for the year 2016-2017 for the Master degree from Ignou. We also share the questions of assignment which you have to prepare in order to pass the Ignou Examination.

Ignou Assignment

All The student who enrolled for the year 2016-2017 from Ignou for any degree. It is compulsory to make the assignment for the every subject which is assigned to course selected by the students. After submitting Ignou Assignment to the allotted Study center student will be able to submit fees for the examination.

Process Of Ignou Assignment Submission

  • Step 1 – Department of Ignou provide questions for the every Subject. You can get the questions from the Ignou Official Website or can also get the questions here below on our website
  • Step 2: Download the questions and make the assignment with the answers of all the given questions according to the given instruction. You can get the instruction in the PDF which you download.
  • Step 3: submit the Assignment to the study center and get the receipt
  • Step 4: Submit the fees

You are done – your Ignou Assignment is complete You Can Download The Questions From Below

CourseyearSessionLanguage (Hindi)Language (English)
M.A. (Economics)First YearJuly 2016-January 2017HindiEnglish
M.A. (Economics)Second yearJuly 2016-January 2017HindiEnglish
M.A. (History)First Year2016-2017HindiEnglish
M.A. (History)Second year2016-2017HindiEnglish
M.A. (Political Science)First Year2016-2017HindiEnglish
M.A. (Political Science)Second Year2016-2017HindiEnglish
M.A Gender and Development2017July 2016 & January 2017HindiEnglish
M.A. (Public Administration)First YearJuly 2016- January 2017HindiEnglish
M.A. (Public Administration)Second YearJuly 2016- January 2017HindiEnglish
MA(RD)First YearJuly 2016-January 2017HindiEnglish
MA(RD)Second YearJuly 2016-January 2017HindiEnglish
M.A.(Sociology)First YearJuly 2016-January 2017HindiEnglish
M.A.(Sociology)Second YearJuly 2016-January 2017HindiEnglish
MA(DE)First YearJanuary 2017----------------English
MA(DE)Second YearJanuary 2017----------------English
MSWCFirst Year2016-2017----------------English
MSWCSecond Year2016-2017----------------English
MATSFirst Year2017----------------English
MATSSecond Year2017----------------English
MCA1st SEMESTERJuly-January-2016-17----------------Download Now
MCA2nd SEMESTERJuly-January-2016-17----------------Download Now
MCA3rd SEMESTERJuly-January-2016-17----------------Download Now
MCA4th SEMESTERJuly-January-2016-17----------------Download Now
MCA5th SEMESTERJuly-January-2016-17----------------Download Now
M.COMFirst Year2016-2017HindiEnglish
M.COMSecond Year2016-2017HindiEnglish

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Note: submit before Ignou assignment last date

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